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Experts in ADA Compliance in Marietta and the Metro Atlanta Area

visit this site ADA Compliance Atlanta” src=”×199.jpg” alt=”ADA Compliance, Atlanta, GA, Marietta” width=”300″ height=”199″ />It is critical that all business owners comply with ADA Compliance, Atlanta, GA (Americans Disability Act) to ensure that all persons with disabilities have unhindered access to businesses and public facilities. These regulations are not difficult to comply with, but are very specific and can change. MH Greeson is intimately familiar with these regulations and how to meet them.

ADA Compliance, Atlanta, GA

State and local inspectors strictly enforce ADA regulations and ensure that all commercial properties meet these requirements. Those seeking occupancy permits for their business that are not in compliance are often delayed until the proper safety and ADA regulations are met.

If you are in need of ADA compliance consultation, improvements or installations contact MH Greeson.  MH Greeson Paving is an asphalt maintenance company that services the metro Atlanta area and most of North Georgia. We specialize in asphalt sealcoating, paving repairs, parking lot striping, and crack-filling. We are the Atlanta ADA Compliance experts serving the entire metro Atlanta area.

The primary benefits our customers enjoy from using MH Greeson Paving are simple. Our jobs last longer and look better which translates to significant value added savings. Call us today to find out more about “Why Us?”.

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Greeson Paving has the ability to do large commercial projects while providing a level of customer service you normally only find in small companies. - Stephanie Harrison, Property Manager, Harrison Properties LLC