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Asphalt Repair & Maintenance in Marietta & Metro Atlanta

Asphalt Repair, AtlantaWhile asphalt pavement remains the most durable pavement available, the elements of time will inevitably begin to effect the soundness of its structure, causing the need for routine repairs and maintenance and a need for asphalt repair. For this reason, it is most important to begin the pavement maintenance process within the first year of pavement installation. While a proper maintenance plan can avoid many extensive asphalt repairs, it is not always within your power to do so.

Asphalt Repair, Atlanta – MH Greeson Paving

Our asphalt repair and maintenance services include:

Asphalt SealcoatingAsphalt sealcoating in Atlanta is the most important part of an effective pavement maintenance program. Many people don’t realize it, but sealing your parking lot should be done before deterioration begins to show, within the pavement’s first year. Doing so can GREATLY extend the life of your pavement. If you’ve recently acquired property with aging asphalt it’s still not too late to benefit from sealcoating. Most importantly, if your pavement is starting to crack, delaying pavement maintenance repairs can end up costing you many thousands of dollars. Call us for an affordable asphalt sealcoating application to restore the rich black luster to your pavement.

Asphalt Crack Repair & Pothole Repair – For properties where the asphalt sealcoating has deteriorated and allowed weather to create cracks, potholes or other damage, we can promptly fill cracks and potholes with special asphalt crack fillers and patch materials. This can be done quickly and efficiently, with virtually no disruptions to your business. Remember, repairing asphalt repair in Atlanta when they appear is critical to maintaining a safe and usable pavement. Don’t delay!

Asphalt Patching – MH Greeson are experts at the removal and replacement of asphalt pavement within isolated damaged areas, such as parking stalls damaged by oil and gasoline. We can cut, remove, and replace the damaged pavement to keep your property looking sharp and maintain its integrity. This can be done in sections, or at non-standard business hours, to minimize disruptions to your business. The MH Greeson team are experts at asphalt replacement and can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Asphalt Overlays – Asphalt overlays are appropriate when the asphalt paving has been extremely neglected, or broken apart by heavy vehicle damage. We can provide an asphalt overlay to completely resurface your pavement and create a safe surface. This can be done in sections, or at non-standard business hours, to minimize disruptions to your business.

Save Thousands With a Few Good Practices

Keeping watch over your pavement and taking action at key times in it’s life can literally save you thousands. It is critical to the integrity – and usability – of any pavement that it be maintained properly. Proper pavement maintenance entails regular sealcoating to preserve the asphalt’s flexibility, allowing it to expand and contract with the weather without cracking. Once cracks DO appear, they must be fixed without delay to keep moisture out of the pavement structure. Potholes, alligator cracking, depressions and other defects must also be repaired without delay. Taking action when necessary – and using a professional pavement maintenance contractor like MH Greeson – can save you thousands.

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I have a long-standing relationship with Greeson Paving. They have been a trusted and reliable resource for years and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services for any paving maintenance need. - Brent A. Weitnauer, Principal, Avison Young