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Asphalt Pavement Contributes to Cleaner Air

October 27th, 2017 | Posted in Asphalt Sealcoating | No Comments

Protecting the environment has become of concern to citizens of nations around the world. The problem of air quality has been felt most acutely in countries that are heavily industrialized, including the United States. Numerous initiatives have been launched to promote cleaner air through reducing fuel consumption, lowering emissions from vehicles and manufacturing plants, reducing […]

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Parking Lot Striping & Design Modifications

October 27th, 2017 | Posted in Line Striping | No Comments

Over 2,000 years ago, Aristotle opined that everything has a specific function that can allow the user to fulfill a goal better than a substitute item. Although the Greek philosopher wrote his argument on functionality to express his views on what humans should strive to achieve, many people have found that his words can also […]

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Asphalt Repair & Preparation

September 29th, 2017 | Posted in General Topics | No Comments

It is unwise to embark upon a repair without making the necessary preparations. For example, if you wanted to refinish your hardwood floors, you would not simply apply new stain — you would sand the wood and clean the floor thoroughly first. Similarly, asphalt contractors must ensure that certain preparations are made before potholes and […]

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Sealcoating in the Fall

September 29th, 2017 | Posted in Asphalt Sealcoating | No Comments

Asphalt sealcoating is an extremely economical way to ensure that your asphalt pavement lasts as long as possible and remains attractive throughout its life. It screens the pavement from the UV rays that accelerate deterioration and fade the pavement’s dark color. It shields the pavement from damages caused by automotive fluids and restores the color […]

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Asphalt Crack Sealing Basics | Atlanta, GA

August 31st, 2017 | Posted in Pavement Maintenance, Uncategorized | No Comments

Preserving the beauty and long life of your asphalt pavement requires periodic maintenance, including the timely repair of cracks. If left unrepaired, cracks in the surface of asphalt pavement will eventually lead to water infiltrating into the base levels of the pavement construction, resulting in the accelerated expansion of the surface cracks and the formation […]

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What Makes a Good Asphalt Driveway in Atlanta

July 25th, 2017 | Posted in Asphalt Paving | No Comments

The addition of an asphalt driveway not only contributes to the aesthetics of your home or business, but it can also add value to your property. An asphalt driveway is a sound economic investment and is very environmentally friendly. Asphalt is less expensive than concrete and requires less time for construction. Material and labor costs […]

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