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Atlanta, GA

The weather in Atlanta can take a toll on asphalt pavement. Summers tend to be hot and humid, providing plenty of sunshine to rob asphalt of its color as well as its moisture. Winters are less predictable; overnight lows have been known to drop into negative numbers occasionally, and temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit are certainly not rare. When you include the rain that falls during every season, it is easy to see why property owners need help to prolong the life of their asphalt pavement. Common needs include asphalt paving and overlays, sealcoating, crack repairs, pavement markings and parking lot striping, asphalt patching and pothole repairs.

Atlanta, GA -The History

Although European settlers began arriving in the area as early as 1822, Atlanta did not see much growth until the decision was made in 1836 to build a railroad linking Savannah and the Midwestern states. After surveying several possible sites for the terminus, the location that is now known as Five Points was selected. Within a year, the surrounding area attracted settlers and merchants, achieving a population of 30 residents by 1842. Over the next five years, the settlement underwent a series of name changes and was known at various times as Terminus, Thrasherville and Marthasville. An official with the railroad suggested that the name be changed to Atlantica-Pacifica; the citizens approved a shortened version and Atlanta was officially incorporated in 1847.

In the years between its incorporation and the Civil War, Atlanta grew rapidly, reaching a population of more than 9,500 people by 1860. The city became a hub for receiving and shipping military supplies to the Confederate Army, making it a target of interest for the Union. The city fell in 1864 following a four-month siege, and General William T. Sherman ordered the evacuation of civilians and the burning of all buildings in the city except hospitals and churches.

Following the Civil War, the city was rebuilt, becoming the state capital in 1868 due in large part to Atlanta’s network of railroads. By the 1880s, Atlanta had begun to shift its economy from agriculture to manufacturing, resulting in explosive growth. The 1890 census recorded a population of slightly more than 65,500, but by 1910, the population had exceeded 154,800 people. The census estimates for 2015 placed the population at almost 464,000.

Common Services Needed in Atlanta

Property managers in the Atlanta area require a variety of pavement-related services. New pavement may need to be installed, parking lots may need to be maintained or repaired, aging pavement may need to be rejuvenated or parking lots may need to be made ADA-compliant. The most common types of services are listed below.

• Sealcoating is an extremely effective and economical way to protect asphalt pavement. It is often chosen as an important part of parking lot maintenance. Sealcoating shields asphalt pavement from the ravages of UV radiation and automotive fluids, but it also restores the dark color for which asphalt pavement is famous.  See for information on Sealcoating
• Asphalt paving can involve the construction of new pavement, but the category also includes asphalt overlays. An overlay can be installed on top of concrete or asphalt pavement to prolong the life of the pavement. Overlays can be an economical, long-lasting solution to pavement that is damaged or extremely unattractive.  See for information on Asphalt Paving
• Asphalt repair typically includes crack repair and pothole repair. Cracks and potholes allow water to reach the pavement’s foundation and compromise its stability. Without a strong, stable foundation, the pavement can suffer extensive damage that will be costly to repair; in some cases, the pavement may be so severely damaged that it has to be replaced.  See for more information on Asphalt Crack Repair
•Parking Lot Striping and pavement marking is a speciality at MH Greeson Paving. We also specialize in parking deck and parking garage painting, line striping and restriping. We are experts at parking lot planning and ADA Compliance issues. For more information see Parking Lot Striping

At MH Greeson Paving, there are virtually no industries that we do not serve. We routinely perform work for office parks, subdivisions, county and municipal agencies, apartment complexes, health care facilities, shopping centers, manufacturing facilities, retailers and transportation hubs.

We specialize in asphalt maintenance and repairs in Atlanta and have extensive experience in all aspects of parking lot maintenance. Our work is superior, our references are impeccable and our prices are affordable. If you would like to receive a free quote, you can submit our request form online or call our office at (770) 335-2983.

Greeson Paving has the ability to do large commercial projects while providing a level of customer service you normally only find in small companies. - Stephanie Harrison, Property Manager, Harrison Properties LLC